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Renting a New Office Space? Once Overlook These 5 Security Vulnerabilities

Ask yourself, how important is security for your business? Does your office stores crucial data in forms of hard copies and soft data on the computers? If so, then you surely cannot afford any compromise with office security. Any security breach can not only cause you significant loss but can put your whole business in jeopardy too. Apart from crucial data, office space comes with a lot of aesthetic appeals that surely costs a fortune. It is also furnished with the latest technological means. You would surely want to protect these from any kind of physical harm. Nowadays, clients and customers give more importance to whom they are getting services from and are not just concerned with services only. It makes sense too since they are trusting you with their private information – right from their very name to their account details. And with news travelling at the speed of light, any security breach will hamper your brand image up to the point of no repair. Even if it was just a minor breach with nothing stolen, it would be hard to win the trust of your customers back. With all these points in mind, it is safe to say that security is very important for small to big businesses. In matters of security, it is always better to be safe than sorry. If you are looking for office space rental in Singapore, make sure you don’t overlook these 5 security vulnerabilities. You can also get in touch with CBD Office Rental for best office space in Singapore at prime locations. 1.Number of entrances You should check the floor plans to know about the number of entrances to your office. You should also check the condition of those entrances in person, if the doors are in good condition with strong latches or not. If you are looking for an office in a corporate complex, you should know about all entrances and exits from your floor. 2.Security cameras with no monitoring This is much of a common scenario that can be observed everywhere. We have security cameras in malls, societies, offices etc. but many of them are left unmonitored. The purpose of security cameras is not just to record proof of a crime but also to prevent it from happening. Make sure that the corporate complex has a dedicated monitoring staff. Also, there should be an adequate number of well-functioning security cameras that cover all aspects of your office from inside to outside. 3.Having no systematic and structured approach towards guarding Security at corporate complexes is a serious matter. Hiring a random security guard and placing him randomly anywhere is of no use. You need to make sure that there is a sufficient number of security guards according to the location. Their duty timings and positioning should have a structure. There should be proper records maintained of people entering and leaving the office. 4.No code of conduct during the time of crisis One important part of security is to prepare for the worse. What if there happens a physical fight? What if you catch a crime in action? There are these and another plethora of security breaches that can rise up. The security team should have a written code of conduct that they follow in different scenarios and members of security should be well revised with those. 5. How up to date security is in regards to technology Development in technology has really offered smart security solutions that have really taken stress off the mind of many corporate firms. When you are investing in office rental in Singapore, make sure that you are investing in a place that gives good returns in terms of security as well. Figure out how up to date security is in regards to technology and whether it has sufficient solutions that meet your business standards. We tend to overlook the security aspect when searching for office space. And this one mistake can really cost you unimaginable loss. So make sure you are actively looking through the security of your next office space. You can also contact CBD Office Rental for same. They have a vast chain of landlords all around Singapore that helps you find excellent Office space for rent in Singapore . They keep your budget, security concern and everything else in mind.